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If you’re looking for the easiest and most stylish swimming pool around, there’s only one place to go in the Sunshine State: Queensland Plunge Pools.


We specialise in precast concrete plunge pools. They’re cost-effective and super-fast to install, and have revolutionised the pool industry in Australia.


Queensland Plunge Pools is the only fully licensed manufacturer and installer of precast concrete plunge pools in the state.
We work directly with home owners, architects, builders and landscapers to create swimming spaces that are cool in every sense of the word. They’ll enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional pool.
The company is owned by Tyson Marshall. As Managing Director of a privately owned, award-winning, residential construction company in Brisbane for more than 15 years, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.


At Queensland Plunge Pools Tyson leads a strong team of experienced builders and project managers. They think outside the box, offer sound advice and pride themselves on delivering the highest quality products and professional service.

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